Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology and obstetrics are the investigations of the female regenerative framework. Obstetrics is the part of medication that spotlights on ladies during pregnancy, labor, and the post pregnancy time frame. Gynecology is a more extensive field, zeroing in on the overall medical services of ladies and treating conditions that influence the female regenerative organs. Specialists who are had practical experience in gynecology and obstetrics should go through four years of post-clinical school preparing in the space of ladies' overall wellbeing, pregnancy, work and conveyance, predisposition and post pregnancy care, pre-birth testing, and hereditary qualities. For instance, ladies might be alluded as gynecologists in the previous phases of pregnancy, and obstetricians later in their term.

  • Pregnancy
  • Female Reproductive system
  • Childbirth

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