Gynecologic Surgery

Gynecologic Surgery is giving an information for clinical articles dealing with all pieces of specialist and office gynecology. "Gynecological medical procedure ", set up in 2004, is the first and head peer-overviewed coherent journal dedicated to all pieces of examination, progression, and planning in gynecological medical procedure. Gynecological medical procedure insinuates a medical procedure on the female conceptive system. It consolidates systems for friendly conditions, danger, unproductiveness, and incontinence. Gynecological medical procedure may sometimes be performed for elective or therapeutic purposes. Also this field is rapidly changing a result of new headways and advancements in endoscopy, apply independence, imaging and other interventional frameworks. Gynecological medical procedure is as of now fosters each careful intervention identifying with women prosperity, including urogynecology, oncology and fetal medical procedure.

  • Advancements in Endoscopy
  • Fetal medical procedure

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